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The Infinite | Photo Booth Rental

520The Infinite | Photo Booth Rental

The INFINITE Photo Booth has been rated the best photo booth rental for special events. With a sleek modern design, customized branding and unlimited photo and video features, there is no surprise as to why the INFINITE was announced as the most cutting edge Photo Booth in North America. This Photo Booth will unlock new possibilities for any event looking to create unique and exciting experiences, while also providing user engagement and one of a kind brand activations. This photo booth combines the love for instant prints with the growing demand for social media sharing. Your event can be the next one to go viral! The INFINITE Photo Booth offers the most software features ever seen inside a photo booth. From prints, to animated GIFs, to Slow Motion Video, this machine does it all.

Want to know more? Check out our awesome videos!

The INFINITE Photo Booth offers you more software features than any other booth on the market. This versatile machine is an all in one unit giving your guests the opportunity to engage directly with your brand or theme in many unbelievable ways. Our professional graphic designers will create engaging photo overlays and virtual green screen settings to make your event come to life! The INFINITE Photo Booth provides lab quality instant photos and is integrated for email, text and social media sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Check out our latest videos to see what the hype is really about. Choose the INFINITE for your next special event.


Instant Printed Photos

Unlimited 2×6 strips or 4×6 prints. Impress your guests with beautiful take home keepsakes. Lab quality prints and custom graphic overlays come standard as part of our service.

Green Screen Photo & Video

Load an unlimited number of custom backgrounds, branded overlays and let the guest select their own environment! Using the latest in chroma key green screen technology, we are able to transform your event into any theme or location in the world.

Slow Motion Video

Record 5 second video clips of your guests dancing, jumping, and acting crazy then instantly transform them into ultra slow-motion videos, easily uploaded onsite to social media. Include branded overlays and choose from a selection of background options.

Animated GIFs

Create multi-frame photo animations with green screen backgrounds, custom logos, and instant uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and Print. A new options to entertain your Photo Booth guests.

Morphing & Light Painting

Using our custom light painting tools, guests can draw in mid-air and see their creation come to life in real time or transform your guests into another guest, celebrity image, or cartoon and instantly upload your branded animations to social media.

Social Media Sharing

Our amazing photos and videos are quickly uploaded to Email, Text, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from the booth’s touchscreen or iPad kiosk. Allow your brand or event to go viral by the touch of a button.


  • 7X7 Foot Photo Booth Enclosure
  •  Amazing Prop Box
  •  Red Carpet
  •  Additional Hours
  • 2×6, 4×6 or 5×7 Print Out Options
  •  Custom Graphic Overlay Design
  •  Web Posting of Images
  •  Brand Ambassadors
  • – Social Media Sharing Options
  •  Unique URL Web Pages
  • Free Delivery & Set Up
  •  New and Never Seen Experience

Branding Opportunities

Take your Photo Booth one step further and totally customize it! We can brand wrap the machine itself and the exterior of the enclosure to match with the custom photo layout!


Bounce Card

A magnetic bounce card easily attaches on top of our booth, while two speed lights create bright, soft lighting to flatter your guests. Provides amazing and professional quality lighting.

Three Cameras

Easily adjust a DSLR, Webcam, and Slow Motion Action Cam at the same time from our flexible camera rigging system. Offer your guests more than just a typical Photo Booth.

Infinity LED Lights

A unique lighting accent around the edges of the booth changes color to match with your brand and theme.

Rear Screen & External Tablets

A rear mounted monitor scrolls through your photos, videos, and GIFs live at the event providing 360 degrees of entertainment. Upload from the Rear Screen or use one of our floating tablets to share online.

Vinyl Wrap

The smooth, flat surface is prime real estate for vinyl wrapping with logos, designs, and custom branding for a one of a kind look & feel. Make your brand come alive and visual with a custom wrapping design.

Photo Booth Enclosure

Want some privacy? No Problem. Include our Photo Booth Enclosure so guests can act event crazier in the privacy of our enclosure. More branding real estate as all the enclosure panels can be custom designed to match and promote your brand.

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