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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

Professional commercial photography is a very unique service. Something we offer at a very affordable rate for business owners and agencies across North America. Whether you’re a New restaurant owner, a real estate agent, a property manager or work in corporate marketing, you can count on Event Imaging for all your commercial photography needs. We appreciate that every company and individual is unique, so we approach each client with a different creative idea and strategic solution. To every photo shoot, we bring decades of experience and a commitment which can be seen in our work. As well, our reputation has been built on unsurpassed image quality and the innovative design capabilities we bring to the table every time. The result? Beautiful, high-resolution professional photography to help your business grow, thrive and become the most successful it can be.

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Real Estate
Maybe you’re a real estate agent, a small store starting out or a giant developer building condominiums. Either way, having your residential and commercial spaces professionally photographed is always a worthwhile investment. Professional real estate photography gives you the freedom to create your own marketing material, websites and brochures, all without breaking your budget. From concrete slabs to wallpaper and velvet, there’s no material we can’t work with. Our experts have a keen photographic eye, and utilize natural light to give you the results you want. We are happy to shoot the interior or exterior of any commercial space, like retail venues, condominiums, homes, office buildings and hotels.

Product Shots
From gorgeous shots of sparkling jewelry, to tantalizing images of mouth-watering cuisine, Event Imaging offers premiere tabletop photography services for your business. Our professional eye and unparalleled experience, guarantee that your product shots look their absolute best. Our photographers understand the intricacies of working with light-reflecting materials, different types of food and product shots of all shapes and sizes. Every shot we take is of professional-quality and high resolution, making them perfect for menus, catalogues, websites, large scale posters and advertising materials.

Advertising and Marketing
Advertising photography can be one of the most expensive services out there. Between studio fees, royalties and buy-outs, it’s not easy to afford top quality, high-resolution advertising photography. Until now. Event Imaging offers the same quality professional photography for your business, but at a reasonable cost. This makes advertising and marketing for any business become a reality. Whatever your concept or idea, we can help your communication come to life. Our experienced photographers come to each shoot with great ideas for lighting, look and style. We always work with you to create the perfect image. We only work with professional grade equipment and high-resolution format, helping your images turn out flawlessly. Once the images are taken, they’re yours! Use them wherever and whenever you want, for marketing material, posters, billboards websites, magazine and newspaper ads, television broadcast and so much more